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The Graphics Team is a vital part of Thrive's development as they are in charge of creating the icons, user interface, in-game models, and concept art. If you are interested in contributing to Thrive as a part of this team, it is important that you are able to properly import assets to the game files.


There are many ways Graphics artists help develop Thrive.

  • Create 3D models and art assets.
  • Create UI and menu icons.
  • Create graphical effects and shaders.
  • Create concept art for your own and other member's concepts to promote understanding and readability.

When making graphics please follow the Visual Style Guide. Especially for the 3D models texture size and triangle count are important.

The graphics team is planning to use a Trello board to organize themselves. Separately from that the official game features and fixes that are to be worked on are on Github, and there exists tags for issues that need graphics work: and

General Requirements

Graphics artists must be able to match the skills and abilities of others within the team, work within the confines of videogame performance, and effectively communicate with other team members to establish intended objectives.

  • Capable of effective communication with other team members to identify objectives.
  • Ability to coordinate with other graphics artists to maintain a consistent visual style.
  • Understanding of game performance limitations in regards to higher poly models.
  • Capable of importing assets into game files.