Microbe Stage

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The Microbe Stage is the first stage of the game. The stage begins with the first species to exist in the world, fresh from the primordial origins of life exploring the nutrient rich Pangonian Vents. It is here that the player assumes the role of a tiny prokaryotic blob of cytoplasm, one of a few individuals of their species. At this point the player must rely entirely on finding loose glucose to survive as they do not yet possess ways to process other nutrients, and seek out phosphates and ammonia to grow bigger in preperation for reproduction. Once the player has reached a sufficient size they will be capable of reproducing, which will bring the player to the microbe editor should they choose to do so. As the game continues, the player will steadily adapt their cell to better survive in a world that grows gradually harsher each generation, and compete with new species that have arisen from the player's own.






There is a separate game design document for the microbe stage that goes into more details: Microbe Stage GDD


There are some tables and other things collected in the Microbe Stage Appendices