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Previous stage: Microbe Stage. Next stage: Aware Stage

The multicellular stage is the second stage of the game. Having recently acquired binding agents, and the ability to freely transfer resources between connected cells. The player now possesses the ability to shape a permanent colony of cells, the first true multicellular organism. You start the Multicellular Stage within the editor, where a single cell of your species resides until you attach copies of your cell, creating your first fixed body plan for your creature.

There is a dedicated page about the Multicellular Stage in general.


Much like the prior stage, the Multicellular stage possesses two types of gameplay: Environmental gameplay which consists of the player's organism exploring and surviving it's environment, and editor gameplay which involves the player modifying and adapting their species to better survive while studying changes in the world.

Much like the Microbe Stage, environmental gameplay is based on:

  • Exploration
  • Resource Gathering
  • Interaction with other organisms
  • Interaction with the environment

Editor gameplay is based on:

  • Seeing the conditions of surrounding patches
  • Learning about environmental changes
  • Strategic construction of your organism's body plan
  • Careful specialization and adaptation of individual cell varients
  • Autoevo


The transition from the previous stage is performed by evolving while being part of a cellular colony of appropriate size. This takes the player straight from microbial gameplay to the multicellular editor. In order to reach the next stage, the player must master cell specialization and tissue development, and effectively create a brain for their organism to become aware.








Movement will be similar to the microbe stage, with your organism facing towards the cursor, and using the WASD keys to move your organism in the accompanying directions relative to the mouse position. New additions to the controls are the ability to ascend/jump or descend/crouch using the space key and either Ctrl or C. As well as to pan the camera by turning your organism's head using right click or some other designated button.

An alternative proposal is to use the W and S keys to accelerate or back away from the cursor position, and use the A and D keys to adjust rotation.



  • Instead of placing predesigned parts, players will place entire cells/tissues they have designed
  • Parts list is occupied by cells/tissues which the player can modify or clone through the microbe editor to create new cell/tissue types
  • Early multicellular is a rigid bodyplan of cells where players can place more individual cells in a 2d plane
  • Late multicellular is a 3D editor where players modify the torso or limbs by placing tissues


  • Cells/tissues can be modified using the previous Microbe editor to specialize them at the cost of MP
  • Placing/moving/deleting cells will cost MP
  • Central body/torso will be sculpted with tissues, which will cost MP much like placing cells
  • Limbs will be developed by placing joints, and then sculpting the resulting segments much like the torso



Health and Death






Organism Editor

The organism editor is roughly divided into two parts in the multicellular stage. As the player progresses in the stage, they will gradually develop more and more cells until they are no longer distinguishable and become tissues.

Additionally; The organism editor includes the microbe editor for cell specialization purposes. Allowing players to create and edit new cell types to include in their organism.

Early Multicellular Editor

The early organism editor takes place in a familiar 2D plane where players will place entire cells onto their organism to shape it. Initially, they will only have a single cell to choose from, but by creating new variants they will be able to create distinct organs and regions on their body.

  • Parts consist of entire individual cells
  • Cell types can be created and edited using the microbe editor
  • player can freely add/remove/relocate cells in their organism at the price of MP

Late Multicellular Editor

The late multicellular editor takes place in a new 3D plane, allowing players to shape their organism from any angle. No longer will individual cells be visible, the organism is now sculpted out of entire tissues. The parts list still consists of different cell types, but they will now be placed on the organism as a tissue, or material that the player will use to shape their organism with.

  • Parts consist of tissues
  • Tissue types can still be edited or created in the microbe editor
  • tissues can be used to sculpt the creature at the cost of MP
  • Joints can be placed on any surface of the creature's torso to create limbs at a large cost of MP

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