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This page may be out of date, see the latest releases on our Github.
Note: if you want to play the game we recommend using the launcher.

Current Release

This page or section contains outdated information. This often happens when plans are changed after something has been written.

Thrive v0.5.0 (Trailer | Devblog)

The Godot version of Thrive is here!

We went ahead and changed engines again. This time the change was way faster thanks to the contributions of more active programmers than last time. Godot's usability also probably helped. You can read about the reasoning behind this change here:

There are still quite many features that still don't work the same as before, but we are releasing this anyway as programming activity has slowed down. If you didn't contribute before because of the engine, now's the time to start contributing to Thrive.

Patch Notes

  • Thrive should now run on most (if not all) integrated Intel graphics
  • Performance should be much better
  • Added options menu
  • Implemented zooming out in the editor
  • Only useful compound bars are shown now
  • Fixed background brightness
  • Added full screen colour blind filters
  • Clouds no longer have straight edges
  • Microbe corpse chunks fallback to using the mitochondria model less
  • Fixed choppiness of the videos
  • Toxins now use particle effects
  • Improved the look of the reproduction progress GUI elements
  • Added fades to make transitions smoother
  • Camera jitter when moving should be fixed

The list of new features is short this time as it took a lot of effort to reimplement all the existing features in Godot.

Old Releases

Future Releases

To see plans and progress for future releases, see Release Roadmap.