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The Outreach Team is the public face of Revolutionary Games Studios, and is tasked with responsibly spreading awareness of Thrive across the world.


There are various ways the outreach team can help Thrive.

  • Write, post, and share community update posts on the official website, and other websites. Guide on how to post there is available here.
  • Create and maintain social media accounts on various platforms for Thrive.
  • Create and share gameplay footage and trailers.
  • Engage with the community to maintain an exciting and positive atmosphere.

General Requirements

Outreach members must be able to understand provided patch notes and changes in the game, and adequately convey this information to a wide audience in a cohesive and understandable manner, as well as to respond respectfully to questions or comments in order to maintain a positive public image.

  • Ability to write cohesively and convey information to a large and varied audience.
  • Aptitude for understanding changes and information in the game in order to convey to others.
  • Willingness to socially engage strangers and maintain a respectful image.
  • General understanding of social conduct within various social platforms, and willingness to maintain activity in social media accounts.