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This page contains a rough roadmap of future features for Thrive.


0.5.0 will be the version which switches over to Godot.

Feature Backlog

This is a rough list of features that are planned or have been discussed in the past and haven't been rejected.

Main Features

  • Behavior Editor
  • Endosymbiosis
  • Enviromental Diffusion
  • Enviromental Events
  • Game Options
  • Organelle Upgrades
  • Radiotrophs
  • Upgraded/Remodeled Patch Map
  • Game saving
  • Compound Toxicity
  • Planet Generation and Customization
  • Achievements
  • Unlockable Organelles
  • Gene Transfer
  • Slot System for Enzymes and Proteins
  • Biolumenesence
  • Adjustable Camera in Editor
  • Allow player to play any species occupied patch upon death/reproduction
  • Cell Healing Rework
  • Player Population Change Rebalance
  • Limit to number of cells engulfed at once
  • Patch addition or rebalance
  • Make newly placed organelles fully refundable before entering play mode
  • Rename predatory pili to a more neutral term
  • Add audio or visual cues to indicate invalid actions (Such as attempting to place parts with insufficient MP)
  • Redesign toxin projectile to be more deadly looking
  • Check and correct for spelling errors in game text (For instance, Bathypalagic in the patch map should be Bathypelagic)
  • Rename Oxytoxy NT to reflect real world toxin

Debatable Features

  • Remove Oxytoxy from prokaryotes
  • Allow prokaryotes to possess vacuoles
  • Thermoplasts
  • Damage delay or knockback for offensive pili
  • In-game Tutorials
  • Cilia and Stuff
  • Templates and Exportation
  • Agents Customization

Debatable features

These features need debating before being moved to the list of main features for implementing.

  • Controversial feature