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This page contains a rough roadmap of future features for Thrive.


0.5.0 will be the version which switches over to Godot.

Feature Backlog

This is a rough list of features that are planned, suggested or have been discussed in the past and haven't been rejected. Note that none of the listed features are not guaranteed to be implemented, as this list does not include the official plans of Revolutionary Studios, only potential features.

Main Features

These features are considered but still may not be implemented

  • Behavior Editor
  • Environmental Events
  • Game Options
  • Organelle Upgrades
  • Radiotrophs
  • Upgraded/Remodeled Patch Map
  • Game saving
  • Planet Generation and Customization
  • Achievements
  • Thermoplasts
  • Slot System for Enzymes and Proteins
  • Adjustable Camera in Editor
  • Allow player to play any species occupied patch upon death/reproduction
  • Cell Healing Rework
  • Player Population Change Rebalance
  • Limit to number of cells engulfed at once
  • Make newly placed organelles fully refundable before entering play mode
  • Rename predatory pili to a more neutral term
  • Add audio or visual cues to indicate invalid actions (Such as attempting to place parts with insufficient MP)
  • Redesign toxin projectile to be more deadly looking
  • Check and correct for spelling errors in game text (For instance, Bathypalagic in the patch map should be Bathypelagic)
  • Rename Oxytoxy NT to reflect real world toxin
  • Improve cell AI
  • Implement customizable name for player species
  • Implement new damage effects to better convey cell is being harmed
  • Introduce water currents
  • Fix placement issues in editor
  • Cell statistics overview (All stats in one menu for analysis.)
  • Implement Narotiza's design for editor UI
  • Hide unusable resources in the UI to prevent confusion
  • Rework player starting compounds to allow for more flexibility

Debatable Features

These features need debating before being moved to the list of main features for implementing

  • Remove or rebalance Oxytoxy from prokaryotes
  • Damage delay or knockback for offensive pili
  • In-game Tutorials
  • Cilia and Stuff
  • Templates and Exportation
  • Agents Customization
  • Addition of seperate forms of a cell for lifecycle stages or interchangable "modes"
  • Gene Transfer
  • Compound Toxicity
  • Endosymbiosis
  • Patch addition or rebalance
  • Radar in the form of chemoreception
  • Investigate current balance of nucleus
  • Implement diffusion of compounds and gasses between patches
  • Add hydrogenase
  • Biolumenesence
  • Begin work on transition to multicellular
  • Implement in-game encyclopedia
  • Unlockable Organelles