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This page contains a rough roadmap of future features for Thrive.

We have a kanban board for concrete issues short(ish) term planning:


0.x Releases

These are releases towards more fleshed out microbe stage.

1.x Releases

Microbe stage is "finished" focus moves to multicellular.

2.x Releases

Multicellular stage is "finished" focus moves to aware.

Feature Backlog

This is a rough list of features that are planned, suggested or have been discussed in the past and haven't been rejected. Note that none of the listed features are not guaranteed to be implemented, as this list does not include the official plans of Revolutionary Studios, only potential features.

Main Features

These features are considered but still may not be implemented

Debatable Features

These features need debating (or major design work) before being moved to the list of main features for implementing

  • Damage delay or knockback for offensive pili
  • Addition of seperate forms of a cell for lifecycle stages or interchangable "modes"
  • Gene Transfer
  • Compound Toxicity
  • Endosymbiosis
  • Patch addition or rebalance
  • Implement diffusion of compounds and gasses between patches
  • Add hydrogenase
  • Bioluminescence
  • Environmental events
  • Mobility altering gas vacuoles
  • Launcher for mac (proper support, and investigate if we can do code signed builds or not)
  • Improved microbe backgrounds
  • Toxin system customization and rework
  • Rework player starting compounds to allow for more flexibility