Running the Import Script

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This page or section contains outdated information. This often happens when plans are changed after something has been written.

This page has info about the asset import script "ImportAssets.rb". This tool should be preferred to importing individual files as this guarantees that different people import assets with consistent and correct settings.

Instructions for artists are here: How to Import Assets

When the script is ran it will import all assets in the "shaders" folder as well as the "../Thrive-Raw-Assets" folder. If "../Thrive-Raw-Assets" does not exist the tool will clone into it. The tool will skip any assets that have not been modified so that it is easier to run when developing just a few assets. Note that when you have ran the tool you'll want to run cmake to copy the assets to your Thrive bin folder.


Basically the tool should always work when you have compiled Thrive from source using the setup script (SetupThrive.rb).

Committing Assets

When committing assets to the assets repo, make sure you have used the import tool to import them to the main repo. You'll need to commit the new raw assets to the assets repo and the imported versions to the main repo. Make sure you have write access with Git LFS.