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The sound team is an important aspect of Thrive's development, and work to create an immersive audio environment for players to enjoy.


There are various ways sound designers help develop Thrive.

  • Create music and ambient tracks for the various stages of gameplay.
  • Create sounds for UI and interactions.
  • Create natural sounds for the environment and living creatures.

There is a list of sound effects for the microbe stage that are done or need doing here.

General Requirements

Sound Team members must be able to match other team members in talent and quality, as well as be capable of closely working with other members in order to maintain cohesive musical themes and design.

  • Ability to create pleasing soundtracks that conform to established themes.
  • Ability to coordinate with other team members to ensure sounds and music remain cohesive between each other.
  • Proficiency in matching the quality standards of other team members.
  • Willingness to listen to feedback both good and bad from other team members, and work with it to improve.