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This page contains checklists to aid in testing Thrive.

Pull Request (PR) Testing

The following items should be (in the optimal case, often we don't have enough testing resources) checked for each pull request before merging:

  • The PR works correctly for the main feature / bug it addresses
  • The PR properly fixes all the related issues it is marked as fixing
  • Saving and loading does not break on the PR branch
  • Saving while using the new feature / fixed feature works correctly (for example a PR changing the organelle move function should be tested so that a save is made and loaded while moving an organelle as that is a likely hotspot for issues regarding saving)
  • Loading saves made with a previous version should work correctly on the PR branch. If they don't and it is intentional the PR needs to at least add a save incompatibility point. Preferably the PR would include code for a save upgrader to upgrade old saves to be compatible.

Release Testing

The following should be tested before releasing a new version of Thrive:

  • Saving and loading works
  • Loading a game made with previous version works, or a save incompatibility point is added (or a save version converter is implemented)
  • Tutorials work
  • Playing a short play session starting a new game and going to the editor a few times and making changes while playing without cheats, doesn't show up any issues
  • In an optimal world: someone would have enough time to play for over an hour and complete the game to check that there aren't any issues regarding that