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The Theory Team focuses on ensuring that Thrive remains as close to scientific accuracy as possible by balancing fun gameplay with reasonable science. This includes discussing concepts to ensure they are plausible, as well as devising ways of implementing real natural phenomena into Thrive as an enjoyable feature.

= Activities

There are various ways theorists help develop Thrive.

  • Back features with viable research to maintain scientific accuracy.
  • Design game features around natural events. or theoretical science.
  • Create prototypes to demonstrate and test large features.
  • Discuss concepts with other developers and teams.

General Requirements

Theorists will typically require applicable knowledge in mostly biology or ecology, and ideally possess a decent understanding of game mechanics and programming. Other subjects may become important in the future, such as astrology and technology once the game advances to such a point. But until then, biologists are desired.

  • Degree level knowledge of scientific subject, most preferably biology or ecology.
  • Communication skills necessary to explain potentially complex mechanics.
  • Fundamental understanding of how videogames and programming work.

Workspace: Theoretical Framework