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This page has information for how to link the launcher to the DevCenter in order to unlock features in the launcher.

Linking the launcher to your account is meant for your personally use only. Please do not share your account.

For Patrons

For logging in you have two choices: Thrive community forums, and Patreon.

If you want to login using the community forums, you first need an account there. For your patron status to apply there, please use the same email your Patreon account uses. You can find a button for registering at the top right of the main page:

Note that if you register after becoming a patron, it can take up to an hour for your forum account to be assigned the right groups. During this time you can't login to the DevCenter.

Then go to and use the button to login with thrive community forum account. Or you can login using your Patreon account, this will automatically create an account for you in the DevCenter based on information from Patreon.

After logging in follow the instructions in this section.

For Developers

First go to and use the button to login with your development forum account.

Then follow the instructions in this section.

After Logging In

After logging in go to this page: The page should show your account information. After the account information there is a section named "Launcher Links". At the end of that section there is a button for creating a new link (Link Launcher), press that.

Press this in the launcher to start connecting
To get your link code press this on ThriveDevCenter

Now you should be shown a code to use in the launcher, copy it. Then open the launcher and in it press the link in the bottom right with the text "Connect to DevCenter". This opens a popup where you can enter the code and press the login button. If all goes well you should be shown your account information and a button to confirm the link. Press the confirm button. Now the launcher should be linked.

Enter the link code instead of "aaaa" from ThriveDevCenter here
After entering the code and pressing "login" you need to confirm your details

After linking the list of versions will contain a new item called "devbuild", which you can select to play a devbuild. You can change the devbuild selection (away from Build of the Day) by pressing your name in the bottom right, and going to the "Info" tab, there you can select from three choices: Build of the Day, Latest Build, and specific version hash.

To change DevBuild options click on your name
DevBuilds options when logged in

With the selected version hash, you can select the hash or input it manually in the next tab "All Builds". For testers there's more info regarding specific builds on this page.

Specific hash selection tab