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This is the wiki page for the testing team. The testing team is responsible for testing new versions of Thrive and new pull requests to make sure they work correctly.

Next see especially the Testing Checklist.

Here's an especially comprehensive PR testing report: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/pull/2397#issuecomment-898609507

General Testing Workflow

The general workflow for testing is as follows:

  • Find a build to test (for example by subscribing to Github notifications or asking other team members)
  • Use the launcher (see: Linking the Launcher) to download and play that build. It's very important to make sure you are playing the right version. Check that the commit hash the launcher says when starting the devbuild matches what Github reports as the newest commit for the pull request (PR) or other code to be tested.
  • Try out the new features / fixes in the build. Or if you are playing the BOTD or a version from master, try to find any bugs and issues in general.
  • For PRs you should report the issues found as comments on the original PR. For BOTD or master testing, new issues should be opened on the Thrive repo (or Launcher if the bug is there). But before opening existing issues need to be searched to not make duplicate issues.