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This page has instructions on making new CI podman images.

These are the rough steps:

  1. Update the CLI tools version mentioned in "doc/"
  2. Update the relevant Dockerfiles in "docker/ci" or the lint folder
  3. Run build with docker or podman: podman build ci (in the correct folder)
  4. Tag the result with the needed name. For example: podman tag 6534b9b707fe9c1f05bc62545eb36ba14d3d6ddeff04870fef402c1ba08a4d0e thrive/godot-ci:v8
  5. Make sure the dotnet sdk got installed, enter the container with podman run -it --rm thrive/godot-ci:v8 and run dotnet --list-sdks and verify that it lists at least one sdk (empty output means the image is broken)
  6. Save the image as a file (replace ":" with "_" in the file name): podman save thrive/godot-ci:v8 -o godot-ci_v8.tar.xz
  7. Now upload the created file to the right folder in the devcenter, the first part of the name before the slash needs to be a folder in: with the file from the previous step uploaded in that sub folder
  8. Now you can modify the CI configuration to specify the new image and it should work