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The design Team is dedicated to the planning and balance of game features, as well as taking in provided feedback from players and testers to improve the gameplay experience. This team's ultimate goal is to strike a perfect balance of fun engaging gameplay, strategic indepth customization, and streamlined interface.


There are various ways the design team can help Thrive.

  • Tweak values and mechanics in order to seek balanced enjoyable gameplay for as many players as possible.
  • Design and write out concepts for new or reworked gameplay features.
  • Encourage and gather feedback from players to understand what may need to be done.

General Requirements

Designers must be able to intimately understand the impact of gameplay features on the overall enjoyability and complexity of the game, understand the desires and capabilities of the audience at large, and apply the aforementioned understanding to ensure the gameplay remains compelling.

  • Aptitude for identifying problems and creating potential solutions to solve them.
  • Ability to write comprehensively and properly convey information about potentially complex and indepth concepts.
  • Willingness to listen to all feedback, good or bad, and appropriately apply it to design decisions.
  • Understanding of resource and developer constraints, and willingness to work with others to shape concepts accordingly.
  • Ability to, at minimum, tweak values in code to find a suitably enjoyable balance.
  • Willingness to compromise with one's own ideals of enjoyability in the face of the collective desires of the community and development team.