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Work in progress.

This is a page for, (you guessed it), questions about installing Thrive. You might first want to check out How to download.


How do I open the file?

The easiest way to play Thrive is to use the launcher, please see How to download. If you manually download the files you must unzip it and then you'll get a folder. In this folder there should be one called "bin." In here there should be a file called "thrive." Double click on this and Thrive should start.

I open the file but it asks what to run it with?

If you have this problem it is probably better to use the launcher. The thrive releases are compressed with 7-zip which you need to uncompress the releases.

It tells me some files were modified, if I want to move them to archive and the screen goes black when I choose a render to use.

You probably haven't unpacked the zip file. You need to make you extract the file first.

I hope we've solved your problem so you can enjoy the game. If not post your problem on our subreddit: or our community forums at