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This page has the most important information for onboarding new Thrive team members. If you were linked this page after joining the team, please take the time to at least complete the checklist for joining on this page. For team leads inviting new members, please send this link along with the invite.


For new team members please complete this checklist of important tasks:

  • Join the Developer Discord with the invite link you received through email. You can say hi on the #welcome channel. Once a team lead comes online, they will assign you the necessary roles to see other channels.
  • Accept the invite email sent from the Developer Forums (if you don't receive this please check your spam folder and if you still cannot find it ask a team lead to resend it on Discord) and register an account.
  • Create an introduction post on the Developer Forums category for introductions.
  • You can now start discussing on Discord and the forums with other developers about Thrive.
  • Please read the Workflow wiki page to get familiar with how working on Thrive happens.
  • Read the wiki page for your development team. These pages have important team specific information. All the pages can be found here. For example there's Programming and Graphics teams.
  • You can optionally read other wiki pages as well to get a better picture of what Thrive is if you haven't already. For example What is Thrive and the stage pages here. The GDDs for the stages are also important pages, for example Microbe Stage GDD.
  • Lastly, if you wish to interact more with Thrive fans, you can join the Community Forums or Community Discord
  • If you haven't yet found a task to work on you can ask your team's lead or if that person is inactive, another team lead or an active member of your team to suggest something to work on as a good first task.

Important Links

This section has a collection of the most important links related to Thrive development that explain many aspects: